How to Open and Read an EPUB File

How to open and read an EPUB file
    EPUB is an e-book file format with the extension .epub short for electronic publication that can be downloaded and read on devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, or e-readers. It is a technical standard published by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF).
    Books with synchronized audio narration are created in EPUB 3 by using media overlay documents to describe the timing for the pre-recorded audio narration and how it relates to the EPUB Content Document markup. The file format for Media Overlays is defined as a subset of Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language(SMIL).

Features of EPUB

  • Page bookmarking
  • Passage highlighting and notes
  • A library that stores books and can be searched
  • Re-sizable fonts, and changeable text and background colors
  • Digital rights management—can contain digital rights management (DRM) as an optional layer
  • Fixed-layout content
  • Reflowable document: optimize text for a particular display

How to Open an EPUB File

On Computer

EPUB files can be opened on a computer with a number of free programs, like

Android and iPhone Apps

There are plenty of Android and iPhone apps that allow viewing of EPUB files..

Chrome Extension

Firefox Extension


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