How to Uninstall or Delete a Font in Windows

As a Graphics designer, we may install many Fonts in our computer for different styling purposes that will reduce the performance of the computer. In my case, i have installed 10,000 Fonts in a single click for Photoshop work due to my over curiosity in designing.The main problem it caused was,whenever i try to work on Photoshop it almost took 5 or 10 minutes to load all bunch of fonts i have installed in my,this article is to show you how to uninstall or delete a font in windows.

Steps to Uninstall or Delete a Font in Windows

  1. From the Start menu select Control Panel
  2. Then Select Appearance and Personalization
  3. Appearance and Personalization
  4. Then Click on Fonts
  5. click on fonts
  6. Now select the Fonts you want to Delete,Preview or Hide
  7. How to Uninstall or Delete a Font in Windows
  8. Click on Delete to remove the font from your Windows
  9. Delete or remove the fonts
  10. Done!

You have successfully deleted the unwanted fonts in your windows :)

Note: You can't delete the windows default fonts due to the Protection set by Microsoft